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Air Curtains

Air Curtains

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Shut-Out function
  • Air curtains perform as an invisible door and are best used for doorways with frequent customer and staff traffic, e.g. restaurants, café, shops, store rooms etc.
  • Heating/cooling retention efficiency of 70-90% helps lower air-conditioning costs.
  • Prevent the entrance of dust, fumes, odours and flying insects - ideal for supermarkets, shopping centres, food storage areas, food preparation areas, cold stores, butcher shops, etc.
Zoning function
  • Perfect for separating air conditioned zones and non-airconditioned zones; smoking areas and non-smoking areas.
Circulation function
  • Facilitate air circulation in spacious areas such as halls and lobbies.
  • Adjustable air deflection vents.
  • On/off 2-speed with remote control.
  • Enclosed centrifugal fans for high air velocity and quiet operation.
  • High performance motors.
  • Double insulated motors with built-in thermal overload protection.
Available Models

You can add the models shown below to a Request for Quotation, which can be submitted to our sales team for detailed pricing information.

Product Code Description Qty Req.
HAC1209RC 240V, 2150 RPM
HAC1212RC 240V, 2150 RPM
HAC1215RC 240V, 2150 RPM
Performance Data

Performance Data

Product Code Speed, RPM Sound Level
dB(A) @ m
HAC1209RC 2150 55
HAC1212RC 2150 56
HAC1215RC 2150 56
Electrical Data

Single Phase, 240V, 50Hz

Product Code Power, W FL Current
HAC1209RC 242 1.06
HAC1212RC 300 1.33
HAC1215RC 392 1.73
Dimensional Data


Product Code A (width) B C D E F G
HAC..09RC 900 51 400 113 250 222 212
HAC..12RC 1200 201 400 113 250 222 212
HAC..15RC 1500 351 400 113 250 222 212

All dimensions in mm.

Hydor reserves the right to make changes in design or specification to products
without notice or obligation and to change or discontinue models.

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